Brilliant Bramham – Even in the Rain


A visit to Bramham International Horse Trials – the highlight of the northern eventing calendar is always a much anticipated visit.

Ok the team heading there on the Saturday packed rain coats and umbrellas the night before to make sure we stayed dry – but we were still looking forward to it anyway.

Those who were busy working there on the Friday had infinitely better weather and returned to the office with tales of Pimms and ice-cream!

With car safely parked on the Saturday morning – my pack a mac in place we were on our way despite the team saying my coat was the most unflattering thing they had ever seen me in – care I did not it was just a case of trying to stay dry.

Working in equestrian PR and Marketing it is so hard not to go to any event without looking at the branding and what sponsors get in return for their hard earned cash.

I think the team at Bramham do an excellent job and it is clear for everyone to see that EquiTrek are the headline sponsors with flags flying, banners in place and trailers and horseboxes everywhere the eye can see.

I am sure the title sponsorship has helped to lift their profile even further and would hope they feel they get plenty of support from the organising team.

Fence and arena sponsors equally had plenty of air-play over the tannoy and each ring was packed to the hilt with branded boards and signage.

Despite the damp weather on cross-country day as ever thousands turned out in their force and there were plenty of smiling faces from both spectators and stand holders.

A northern event to savour – roll on 2015 and fingers crossed for a bit more sunshine!