Jacqueline Spouge

Jacqueline’s energy and enthusiasm keeps her extremely focused on the development of client strategies. With a keen eye for detail, she produces thorough and insightful work and prides herself on maintaining high standards.

With a passion for equine research, Jacqueline likes to keep up to date with new developments and is particularly interested in health and welfare.

Jacqueline enjoys all aspects of the outdoor life and is the proud owner of two ponies and a very naughty Jack Russell.

When not riding, Jacqueline likes to hit the road on her mountain bike and loves the excitement of riding through local woods and then calling at the pub for a much deserved drink!

What was your first piece of coverage?
My first piece of published work at TSM was a feature on paddock maintenance. During my research I learnt a lot that was useful in my everyday life with my own horses. The thrill of seeing my work published is something that never fades.

What do you enjoy most about working at TSM?
Working at TSM it is a privilege to be able to combine a hobby that I love with my working life. I love to be at the cutting edge of new developments from feed to clothing and the latest horsey gadgets, not to mention just being a part of a great team. One of the things I enjoy most is contacting the winners of competitions. It is interesting how people never expect to win a competition they have entered and their reactions are sometimes priceless! Life as part of the TSM team can be varied and is never dull, from writing an in-depth feature one day to tying ribbon around the necks of gingerbread donkeys another!

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