Understanding the ethos of PR and marketing will enable even small changes to make maximum impact. You believe in the brand, so shout as loud as you can and seize every opportunity to reach your target audience, whether that is the retailer or the general consumer.

Corporate Identity
Always be consistent. Corporate identity must remain defined throughout all editorials, marketing material and promotional opportunities. Audiences need to see the brand and understand exactly what it is about from the outset.

Journalist experience runs at the core of TSM, so trust us to make sure all your editorial is accurate and thought-provoking, catering for your target audience.

Regular qualitative and quantitative research will ensure you know your position within the market and gauge if you are where you want to be.

Understanding the market enables TSM to plan advertising schedules to suit your company’s individual needs. Our expertise will ensure the best advertising position and maximum editorial for the best price.

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