TSM Support ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’


Here at TSM we are proud to be supporting ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’.

On the 27th June businesses are being encouraged to allow their employee’s to bring their beloved canine companions into work for the day, in return for a donation, with all proceeds being split between three very worthy doggy charities.

All the team at TSM are dog lovers with most of us being dog owners ourselves. This will make for an interesting ‘bring your dog to work day at TSM’.

Joanna owns a beautiful Labrador, Izzie, who features on the TSM website. Izzie is a lovely dog with a fabulous temperament and is a regular visitor to the TSM office.

Little Jack, owned by Becky’s father-in-Law is also a regular visitor when on one of his many vacations at the Taylor household. He is happy to curl up next to Becky’s desk and is usually first to greet the postman when he comes in to deliver the mail.

Tim’s dog, Smudge the Jack Russell is getting a little old to come into the office, preferring to spend his days down at the stables, as is Sarah’s dog Chewy who enjoys life on the farm with her partner Simon.

As for Jacqueline’s dog Lottie, well she is banned from the TSM office, as the postman wouldn’t get through the door if she was present on ‘bring your dog to work day’!

For more information about how you can support ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ visit www.bringyourdogtoworkday.co.uk