Using Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

Instagram introduced their stories feature to the platform in August 2016 and has become increasingly popular with businesses as a way to promote their products and services.

1.7 million accounts use the stories format on a daily basis, with 59% of companies linking stories to a shoppable page which is then widely used to search for products and services.

As the stories only appear for 24 hours the feature allows you to post as much content as you like without fear of bombarding your page feed.

Stories are easy to view as they run along the top of the feed and unlike regular posts there are no visible likes or comments, with followers responding via direct messages.

So, why should you use Instagram stories to promote your business? Firstly, it is a great way to interact with your audience, particularly if the message you want to convey has got a timeframe, such as a limited discount or you want followers to enter a competition.

It is also a useful tool to build an identity for your brand and inject some light-hearted content to form a rapport with your customers.

With a whole host of features, getting creative has never been so easy but it is important to maintain a professional feel with brand consistency at the heart of every story you create.

Using Instagram stories to gather opinion from your target audience has become a widely used way to harness feedback. This can be done by adding the question or poll tab – adding a strong call to action to a fun story is a good way to engage existing and potential new customers.

Once your account reaches 10,000 followers the ‘swipe up’ feature unlocks to allow you to add direct links to the story, driving traffic straight to your website. This is a good incentive to seek the help of an experienced marketing team to help plan content to maximise your businesses potential to reach that golden number of followers needed to really boost sales.

With features being added all the time, such as the new ‘challenge sticker’ to encourage followers to participate in the latest viral challenge, the possibilities for imaginative ways to engage customers and promote your business is endless.

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