Website Focus – Is it time for a redesign?

Is your website still performing and attracting potential customers or businesses or is it lost in cyber space? Is it time for a fresh new start? It may be time to give that tired, old, difficult-to-update website a facelift to create a more up to date look and feel, whilst retaining your corporate identity to get your business back on the map.

But where do you start? The first step is to analyse your conversion goals. Often, websites are not as good as they could be, simply because the site itself is too cumbersome or baffling for visitors to use.

TSM websiteHere’s a few handy tips to help improve your websites performance…

-Choose ‘Flat’ User Interface – a simple, large design that is easy to interact with.

-Ensure your website displays correctly across all main platforms and browsers – don’t forget many people browse from their mobile phones these days!

-Make sure each page on your website has good, useful content to help increase Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

-Introducing a RSS data feed into the site can help publish the frequent updates on the site such as your news items or blogs.

-Add ‘calls to action’ on all pages to allow quick and easy contact. For example, this may include telephone numbers, call back forms or stockist locators.

-Use the power of social networking – make sure you link your social media accounts to the website to increase the company’s online exposure and increase traffic.

-Research the company’s target demographics; create profiles of typical visitors to allow targeted advertising.

-Use a targeted back linking strategy to increase natural Google placement across all relevant aspects of the company e.g. link to Google+.

-Consider a Google AdWords campaign using keywords and phrases related to your business to create ads on Google to attract customers who are already interested in you.